Fun Science Party

Each session is run by a highly trained Fun Scientist complete with lab coat who will come and run the session for up to 20 children (recommended ages 4-11). Prices quoted include hall hire for up to 4 hours and a certificate to take home with their name on.

Crazy chemical celebration – Approximately 45 minutes 
The most creative of our parties, this session kicks off with some wow-factor chemical reactions, with the birthday child becoming the assistant and helping with mixing and pouring. Next, children get to make their own slime to take home! All children will make slime simultaneously and get to choose their own colour so there is no time for anyone to lose interest.

Amazing electrics  – Approximately 60 minutes  
This is our most active and visual party with big machines, balloons and lots and lots of group interaction. In this session we will be bringing along our Van de Graaf generator which is the special machine which we use to make peoples hair stick up as well as making lightning – all using static electricity! We will also be using flashing circuit balls to become a circuit ourselves and learning about conductors, insulators and switches.

Fun Science is a great organisation who engage kids in science by making it fun. They are members of the British Science Association, have highly trained staff with enhanced CRB/DBS disclosures. They also run great holiday workshops, for more information you can find them here:

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